About the Author

Christian Jaramillo was born in Pereira, Colombia, in 1948. He received primary and secondary education in Manizales with the Jesuits and attended college after completing his University education in Civil Engineering and Economics. He studied Philosophy and World History from his youth, with the reading of the great ancient and contemporary philosophers. He chaired the engineering firm Icono for 20 years, during which he intensely traveled throughout Colombia and Latin America, until the Colombian guerrilla forced him into exile in the United States which provided him political asylum.

Jaramillo has written several books and essays and among those published in English and Spanish is the philosophical essay "A Disquisition On Religion, Science And The State", a work which critics have described: "... Faced with the current subjectivity of religions, this book poses an ethical and moral rationalism to revolutionize the theological, philosophical and social approaches that societies themselves have assumed over the centuries. A true paradigm shift that the author masterfully reveals..." This book came out in 2010 published by Palibrio and achieved success in the United States after being reviewed by the New York Times Book Review and received a favorable note from Kirkus critics and academic media. In 2013 he published "Why The Victims' Law Applies To Me", which presented political philosophy.

He currently resides in the US and he is dedicated to the study of philosophy and history, besides lecturing and working with Latin American newspapers wherein he mentions the international elapse within a historical and philosophical framework. He is also a regular contributor on political philosophy and international politics in newspapers and magazines in the US and France.