Why the Victims’ Law Applies to Me is an analysis of Colombian political philosophy, based on the author’s own experiences, and departs from a specific historical context and liberal approach.

The author presents a new approach to Latin American’s and Colombian’s realities, and denounces the misrepresentations of Colombia’s History, past and present. He also proposes solutions and a development platform to envision a future with optimism.
Jaramillo reveals the current and past perpetrators of the violence in Colombia, denounces the public servants that plunder the country’s institutions, and relentlessly calls for the need for the
State to provide Ethical and Moral education through mandatory school and university programs.

With his vibrant, agile and brilliant writing style, the author submerges the reader into the complex subject of Violence.

Jaramillo presents a coherent and well-documented work, which will serve as a foundation for future scholars and writers on Colombia’s History, especially over the last seventy years.

This book contains many press releases that corroborate all aspects of Jaramillo’s observations, making it a very up-to-date book in terms of Colombian current affairs. The author includes an extensive bibliography at the end of the book, which documents the complex events experienced in Colombia, as well as two annexes to clarify the context for the reader.